Glock 35 vs Staccato XL: Comparing 2 Competition Handguns

Comparing the Glock 35 and the Staccato XL handguns

Do you think you are ready for a shooting competition? After spending every weekend at the range for as long as you can remember, it might be time to put your skills to the test. Generally, shooting competitions are great opportunities to hang out with fellow gun enthusiasts and test your accuracy, speed, and reloading talents. When you sign up for a competition, you will want a handgun made specifically for shooting challenges. The Glock 35 and Staccato XL are two great choices that can help you perform to the best of your abilities. Here are a few things to know about each to help you choose the right handgun for your needs.

The Glock 35: A Compact and Reliable Handgun

If you want a 40-caliber pistol made by one of the most reliable and popular gun manufacturers in the world, the Glock 35 should be your choice. This gun is one of the best competition shooters on the market but is also popular with law enforcement agencies for its accuracy. Here are a few things you can expect from this gun in competition.

Glock 35 vs Staccato XL: Comparing 2 Competition Handguns
Glock 35 Semi-automatic Full Size 40S&W 5.31′ Black 10Rd, Item 950994197

Features of the Glock 35

This Glock features an extended, 15-round magazine that can keep you shooting for longer. The Glock 35 also features a unique recoil reduction system and high-quality grip surface to promote accuracy and help you fire off effective second shots.

Specs of the Glock 35

The Glock 35 weighs 27 ounces when it is unloaded. Its barrel is 5.3 inches long, and the entire gun has a length of 8.8 inches.

Feel of the Glock 35

The most important part of any competition shooter is the feel. This Glock feels just as great as any other Glock. A multiple backstrap system ensures it fits the hand of the shooter. The distribution of the weight of the gun reduces recoil, so you can quickly fire accurate follow-up shots. The recoil spring assembly in the gun makes it an easygoing shooter that you could shoot all day.

Glock G35 Gen 3 Riptile Camo 4.49in Barrel in 40 S&W GunBroker
Glock G35 Gen 3 Riptile Camo 4.49in Barrel in 40 S&W, Item 950610948

The Staccato XL Is the Best Competition Shooter of All the STI Guns

Formerly known as STI Firearms, Staccato guns are popular choices for competition shooting, and the Staccato XL is their top-of-the-line competition handgun. This gun is built to help you shoot your personal best. Instead of fighting against a gun, the Staccato XL works with you to give you the best performance possible.

Glock 35 vs Staccato XL: Comparing 2 Competition Handguns GunBroker
STACCATO XL, Item 947514449

Features of the Staccato XL

A long sight radius helps you light up your shots for extra precision. Also, a flared magwell allows you to quickly load your magazines, and the gun comes stock with two 17-round magazines and a 20-round magazine. In addition, it can fit a 26-round magazine.

Specs of the Staccato XL

The Staccato XL weighs 38 ounces without a magazine and sports a 5.4-inch barrel. The entire gun is 8.9 inches long.

Feel of the Staccato XL

Like other Staccato guns, the Staccato XL is built with your performance in mind. The long sight radius adds to your ability to shoot accurately. The slide on the gun is so smooth and light that you will find it a lot easier to shoot quickly. The gun is designed to shoot flat, helping eliminate a lot of the guesswork that goes into your shooting.

STACCATO XL Competition Handgun, Item 947514449
STACCATO XL Competition Handgun, Item 947514449

At the end of the day, both the Glock 35 and the Staccato XL are great competition shooters. It all comes down to your personal preference. If you want more of a do-it-all shooter, the Glock is an excellent choice. But if you are looking to refine your accuracy on the range, you cannot go wrong with the Staccato XL.

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