Gifts for the Gun History Buff or Firearm Collector

4 Guns to Make the Firearms History Buff in Your Family Extremely Happy

The approach of the holidays provides the loved ones of gun enthusiasts the perfect opportunity to surprise them with what they love best—a new gun. In this case, however, while the gun will be new to them, it certainly will not be new. This is a list of a few historical firearms that should move any self-respecting gun history buff to salivation. For a vast selection of historical firearms, check out the incredible selection on

Colt 1911 for the Classic Gun History Buff

With the possible exception of a Colt “Peacemaker” (also a great choice), there is almost certainly no American gun more iconic than the classic Colt 1911 chambered in 45 ACP. It is arguably the most-copied gun platform in history, and for good reason. The Colt 1911 is a hardy, trustworthy, reliable brick of a weapon. It remains in continuous military and law enforcement service to this day—well over a century. That is one hell of a history.

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Colt 1911 gun history buff
Colt 1911

Radom Model 35 / FB Vis 35

The Radom Model 35 or FB Vis 35 is a Polish sidearm that enjoys a nearly-fanatical cult following. It is an early-to-mid 19th-century pistol that resembles an elegant hybrid of a Colt 1911 and a Browning Hi-Power. In addition to being a beautiful example of art deco grace, it is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Many Radom devotees rely on this nearly century-old Polish pistol as their everyday carry.

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FB-Vis-35-Radom-35 vintage handgun gun history buff
FB Vis 35

CZ 52

Anyone familiar with the most highly-praised and widely-adopted firearms of the last century is familiar with the legendary CZ 75. While it remains a firearm any gun enthusiast would undoubtedly appreciate, its 1975 provenance does not really qualify it as sufficiently antique for this list. Instead, gift your gun history buff with a CZ 52. The CZ 52 is a Czech military pistol invented in, yes, 1952. The CZ 52 is a pistol with the guts of a machine gun. Its roller-locked internal mechanism, previously used in the MG 42, is incredibly rugged. That makes it capable of firing seriously hot loads from the already blazing 762x25mm bottleneck Tokarev cartridge. Additionally, as a relatively obscure handgun, a CZ 52 in great condition can often be picked up for a steal.

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Czech-CZ-52-7.62X25mm-pistol CZ 52: Czech History Buff

Webley 455 Revolver

For those firearms history buffs more partial to wheelguns, consider the renowned Webley 455 revolver. These unmistakable revolvers are popular for their service as the sidearm of choice for a couple of generations of soldiers and adventurers throughout the British Empire and both Great Wars. They are also popular for their chambering in the beefy 455 Webley cartridge.

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1918 WEBLEY MARK VI .455 WEBLEY SIX SHOT Cylinder Stainless 455 Webley

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