5 Reasons to Outfit Your AR 15 with a 50 Beowulf Upper

5 Reasons to Go for a 50 Beowulf Upper for Your AR 15

The 50 Beowulf has captured a special place in the minds of gun enthusiasts across the country. This thumper of a cartridge inspires fantasies of exploding cinderblocks in one shot, and it’s certainly capable of getting the job done. However, this monster cartridge is more than a novelty for pulping watermelons and punching huge holes at the range. It actually has a number of practical uses. In fact, among the most practical benefits that a 50 Beowulf upper offers is its ability to be attached to your AR 15’s lower receiver. That makes for a whole lot of firepower for the AR 15 platform. Here are five reasons to try it for yourself.

5 Reasons to Go for a 50 Beowulf Upper for Your AR 15

50 Beowulf as a Hog and Brush Gun

One of the most popular applications of this monster of the AR 15 platform has been hog hunting. Hogs are tough beasts. They sport thick hides and can be dangerous. That makes a big bore option like the 50 Beowulf an optimal solution. Hunting hogs often requires navigating scrubby brushland. The slugs of these cartridges can tip the scales at over an ounce. That pretty much negates any concerns about deflection from even thick brush and scrub. Plus, these benefits also apply to hunting game beyond hogs. Overall, it’s a great brush gun.

Ideal Option for Straight-Walled Cartridge Hunting States

There are a number of states that don’t allow hunting with anything but straight-walled cartridges. Unfortunately, that can significantly limit the variety of cartridges you’re able to use while hunting in those states. It can also significantly limit the power and velocity of the cartridges available. Power and performance, however, are not an issue for the 50 Beowulf. That makes it an excellent option for hunting with restrictions.

50 Beowulf upper

All Kinds of Big Game Hunting

It’s a first-rate brush gun, hog-dropper, and high-powered straight-walled cartridge. Beyond that, 50 Beowulf provides another benefit. Essentially, this cartridge is an effective option for hunting any big game in the Americas. It’s often couched as a novelty cartridge due to its size. However, that’s not really the case. It’s certainly not wildly bigger or more high-powered than shotgun slugs. In fact, that’s a great way to think about the cartridge. It’s able to do everything shotgun slugs can do, just for your AR 15.

Going to Grizzly Country? Bring 50 Beowulf

This big boy of the AR 15 family’s ability to handle big game has made it popular with outdoor adventurers of all kinds. It is becoming an increasingly popular option as a grizzly-protection solution in bear country. In addition to being such a beefy slug, it helps that there are ten of them in a single magazine. Grizzly country adventurers tend to feel a lot safer with access to that kind of firepower.

They Are a Whole Lot of Fun

Finally, there’s another important perk to this AR platform beast—it’s a whole lot of fun! A firearm doesn’t necessarily have to serve a practical purpose to be a great addition to your collection. Sometimes, you just want to go to the range and have fun firing a few shots. An AR 15 outfitted with a 50 Beowulf upper is the perfect way to do just that.

50 Beowulf upper

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