Features of the Savage 1911 Govt Style Handgun [Video]

Savage 1911 Govt Style Handgun- new gun released for 2023. find it on gunbroker.com

Savage 1911 Govt Style Handgun: Features and Specs

Brett Gillan with GunBroker.com talks with Brett McKenna at Savage Arms about the new to Savage Arms 1911. This 1911 has a full forged frame and slide with a fully machined billet barrel made in house. The Savage accurate barrel helps keep tolerances nice and tight. The difference between the Savage 1911 versus just your standard GI is that Savage is using what they know from building rifle barrels and putting that into a pistol barrel, keeping it to be the most accurate 1911 Savage can build. The Savage 1911 is available now in 45 and 9mm are going to follow later in the year. The Savage 1911 is available in three different finishes, full stainless, two- tone and then all black nitride finish in standard dust cover as well as a rail version.

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