Meprolight’s New Pistol Red Dot Family of Mepro MPO [Video]

features of Meprolight Mepro MPO pistol red dots - MPO-S mounted on Glock pistol

Meet the New Meprolight Mepro MPO Red Dot Family – 6 New Pistol Red Dots for 2024 from Meprolight USA

Eric with Meprolight USA, gives us an overview of the features of Meprolight Mepro MPO Pistol Red Dots that were introduced for 2024. They include: Meprolight Mepro MPO-DS, Meprolight Mepro MPO-S, Mepro MPO Pro-S, Meprolight Mepro MPO-DF, Mepro MPO-F, and the Mepro MPO Pro-F.

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