The Guns of Tom Cruise Movies

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Tom Cruise has a long and storied career as an actor, and many of those movies are action movies. He is known for doing his own stunts, including a HALO jump from a plane, holding on the side of a plane during takeoff, jumping between buildings, and hanging on the outside of the Burj Khalifa. He is also well-versed in using guns. If you are looking for firearms for sale on, you may want to own some that Cruise has used in movies, from the Mission: Impossible Series to The Edge of Tomorrow. Here are some to look out for. 

Guns of Tom Cruise Movies

Mission: Impossible Series

  • Beretta Cougar
  • Beretta 92FS Brigadier
  • Beretta 92FS Centurion


  • HK USP
  • Ruger MKII
  • S&W 5906

Jack Reacher

  • Springfield M1A
  • Colt M4A1
  • SIG P556 SWAT
  • BCM CQB-11 KMR-A10

The Edge of Tomorrow

  • FN SCAR-Hs
  • Colt M1911A1
  • Benelli Supernova

The Mission: Impossible Series

Arguably the most famous of Tom Cruise’s movies, the Mission: Impossible series sees Cruise’s Ethan Hunt wielding a number of guns. He used a Beretta Cougar in the original movie as his main weapon of choice. However, it is not the only Beretta 9mm Hunt uses as he switches to a 92FS Brigadier and a 92FS Centurion in Mission: Impossible II. In later Mission: Impossible movies, he moves from the 92FS family to the SIG P226 family. Look for these premier handguns on

Beretta-Model-8357-F-Cougar-Rare-.357-SIG-11-Round-3.5-Barrel Guns of Tom Cruise Movies
Beretta Model 8357 F Cougar Rare .357 SIG 11-Round 3.5 Barrel –

Beretta-92FS-Brigadier-9mm Guns of Tom Cruise Movies
Beretta 92FS Brigadier 9mm –
Beretta 92FS Centurion 9mm –


Collateral sees Cruise, playing the villain named Vincent, using an HK USP to show his skills and ruthlessness. Director Michael Mann noted in the DVD commentary that it was chambered in 45 ACP. Later, thanks to a little movie magic, Vincent’s suppressed Ruger MKII is as quiet as a whisper. He also uses an S&W 5906 that he takes off of a security guard. Look for these premier handguns on

Smith Wesson 5906 Performance Center 9mm -
Smith Wesson 5906 Performance Center 9mm –

Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher did not convince audiences that Tom Cruise made a good Jack Reacher, but he still had the gunplay. Between the two films, Reacher uses a Springfield M1A, a Colt M4A1, a SIG P556 SWAT, and a BCM CQB-11 KMR-A10. Much like Ethan Hunt, Jack Reacher uses a SIG P226 E2 in the second movie. Interestingly, the SIG P556 SWAT is a hybrid rifle and uses a SIG SG 550 lower that is not used on actual P556s. It was also used in the movie Salt, wielded by Angelina Jolie’s eponymous character. 

Springfield Armory M1A Loaded M1A Springfield M1A .308
Colt M4A1 LE6920-SOCOM -
Colt M4A1 LE6920-SOCOM –
Sig Sauer 226R P226 E2 -
Sig Sauer 226R P226 E2 –

The Edge of Tomorrow

Despite being a somewhat futuristic sci-fi movie, The Edge of Tomorrow is still grounded in realism. Cruise’s character, Major William Cage, uses a “combat jacket” exoskeleton to fight aliens. The guns used on it are black, stockless FN SCAR-Hs, despite the claim that it uses 556, making it a SCAR-L. Like many vehicle-mounted, remote-operated guns, it lacks a grip. In a continuity error, the grip reappears when it is taken off the combat jacket. Cage also uses a customized Colt M1911A1 fitted with a compensator and what appears to be a Benelli Supernova shotgun. 

Colt M1911A1 –

Benelli SuperNova 12Ga –

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