Must Have Gun Accessories: Shotgun Guide 2019

Mossberg Shockwave Crimson Trace
Crimson Trace Laser Sight for the Mossberg Shockwave

Owning a shotgun is all good and well, but as with most firearms it is the accessories that really make it a gun to revel in. Let’s look at a few must have accessories for shotguns this year. While you may be tempted to add everything short of a dishwasher on your gun, remember that it is heavy to begin with so let’s make sure we only add what we need.

First item I suggest is a sling. Optimally a two point sling that mounts to the side of the gun. This gives you an option should you need to use your hands and have nowhere to sit your blaster.

Second is a good weapon light. Target identification is crucial in defensive situations and a good defensive light can actually deter the use of lethal force. A bright light in the eyes causes a flinch reflex and can at times be enough to drive an attacker or home invader out. These lights have gotten very small and powerful over the years and are a good addition.

The last item I suggest is a device to carry extra ammunition. We hope that it never gets to the point that we need to reload our shotgun, but it is better to be safe than sorry. This can either be something like a side saddle or even an elastic butt stock device.

In the end, only add what you need to, but please add what you need to.

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