22 Gun Accessories Shooters Need in 2024

There were quite a few gun accessories introduced in 2024, including new holsters and concealable armor, and numerous micro red dots.

By Paul Rackley, GunBroker Editor

Guns are great. They’re fun to shoot and provide the best method of defending life, liberty and property. However, gun accessories can be just as fun, as they provide both aesthetics and advantages. This is especially true with 2024 gun accessories.  

A red-dot optic on a pistol looks cool. But it also provides faster target acquisition. Folks also need a holster, if a handgun is ever carried, as well as scopes and slings for rifles. Gear – i.e. gun accessories – is just something that people need and want. Lasers, backup sights, flashlights and carriers are more than just useful. These items can be critical in the real world, providing tactical advantages.  

Of course, every year, manufacturers bring out quite a few gun accessories for shooters and gun owners. This gear can range from quite useful to kind of neat and everything in between. That, of course, depends on people and their different needs.  

So, GunBroker.com gathered a bunch of the new accessories for guns, concealed carry and self-defense to let you know what’s available for 2024. In the process, we noticed that 2024 seemed to be the year of optics, especially red-dot optics for handguns. However, there were also some other types of gear that shooters could find useful. This ranged from body armor to first aid to holsters.  

2024 Gun Accessories & Gear 

Aimpoint ACRO S-2  ~ GunBroker.com

Aimpoint ACRO S-2  

Red-dot optics are all the rage. Over the last couple of years, these optics have jumped from rifles to handguns and can now be attached to a shotgun. In fact, the Aimpoint ACRO S-2 comes with an integrated shotgun rib mount. Its interchangeable base plates let users fit it on shotgun ribs, from .24 to .47 inches. It uses a 9 MOA dot size, along with 10 intensity settings for adjusting the dot to the condition. The unit is light, compact and waterproof, and it comes with a 50,000-hour battery.  

Aimpoint ACRO P2 ~ GunBroker.com

Aimpoint ACRO P2 

Everybody can use a reflex sight, especially one that works with rifles, handguns and shotguns. Here comes the Aimpoint ACRO P2, with its fully enclosed optical channel to protect the LED emitter. This next generation sight has been tested to withstand the shock, vibration and stress of a semi-auto pistol. It uses a 3.5 MOA dot with six daytime settings and four night settings. This parallax-free optic is compact and light, and comes with a five-year battery.  

Burris FastFire C ~ GunBroker.com

Burris FastFire C 

When it comes to handgun and backup sights, lighter is better. And few reflex sights weigh less than the Burris FastFire C. At only .44 ounces, this optic does not affect balance or handling in any way, even on subcompact pistols. Its low profile even allows shooters to use original gun sights in case the power dies. Of course, since it comes with a 25,000-hour battery, this probably won’t be a problem. It also comes with the Burris Intelligent Auto-Bright system, along with manual controls for optimal visibility in any light condition.  

Bushnell Match Pro ED 5-30×56 ~ GunBroker.com

Bushnell Match Pro ED 5-30×56 

Bushnell designed the Match Pro ED 5-30×56 riflescope for when shooters want to reach out and touch something. An expansion of the Match Pro, the ED offers competitive shooters benefits regarding long-range shooting. For the Match Pro ED, Bushnell raised magnification range and increased the objective lens size. The company also used Extra-Low Dispersion Prime (ED) glass and added an EXO Barrier to shed rain, snow and dust off the lenses. Then, it added the Easy Set zero stop so shooters can quickly get back to zero. Finally, Bushnell added illumination so the Deploy MIL 2 (DM2) etched glass reticle stays visible regardless of light conditions.  

Crossbreed N8 Tactical Multiflex~ GunBroker.com

Crossbreed N8 Tactical Multiflex 

When versatility met up with CrossBreed, the N8 Tactical Multiflex became the result. CrossBreed named this holster the Multiflex for a reason, it fits multiple guns, has multiple adjustments and can go in multiple locations. This includes both outside-the-waistband and inside-the-waistband. The Multiflex provides multiple points of retention, as well as adjustable holster cant. It even works with 1.5-inch paddles, providing numerous options for carry over 275 full-size and compact firearms.  

Elite First Aid Recon IFAK Pack ~ GunBroker.com

Elite First Aid Recon IFAK Pack 

No one plans on getting injured, but things happen, usually when they’re least expected. Because of this, it is a good idea to be prepared, such as having a first-aid kit handy. Elite First Aid produces numerous levels of packs, ranging from basic to EMS. The company designed the Recon IFAK pack as an easy-to-carry individual first-aid kit. It comes with a removable Velcro-panel with MOLLE straps, along with two rings attached to clips and two adjustable belt loops. This provides a variety of carry locations. Inside contains gloves, a tourniquet, QuikClot, bandages and more. It’s available in three colors.  

Galco Coachella Holster Waistpack ~ GunBroker.com

Galco Coachella Holster Waistpack 

Just because someone wants to be safe doesn’t mean they should have to sacrifice style. The Galco Coachella Holster Waistpack combines the two. Galco constructs the waistpack of soft black Vachetta full-grain, drum-dyed leather. It also comes with a unique inlaid gemstone cabochon as the centerpiece of the decorative exterior artwork, along with nickel-plated, solid-brass hardware, two accessory pockets and a separate gun pocket. The gun pocket uses a removable, gun-specific, hybrid holster that snaps into place. Each pack is individually made by hand and available in two waist sizes.  

Galco Flashlight Carrier ~ GunBroker.com

Galco Flashlight Carrier 

It is kind of hard to identify a target in the dark without a flashlight. However, that flashlight also needs to be accessible. Enter, the Galco Flashlight Carrier. While designed for the Galco-branded Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA, it can also fit other compact flashlights. It’s made of premium steerhide, with a snap belt loop that fits up to a 1.75-inch belt and carries the light vertically. Folks can choose between tan and black.  

GH Armor Uniform Shirt Carrier ~ GunBroker.com

GH Armor Uniform Shirt Carrier 

Police have a dangerous job. Because of this, many wear body armor. GH Armor has recently introduced a Uniform Shirt Carrier that is functional, without a tactical appearance. The USC accepts GH plates for protection. However, it also features two functional dress pockets with dual compartments for added storage. It even has two lower discrete pockets for even more storage. Users can opt for a 3×3 inch or shield shape loop for badge attachment, along with a name tape. It even has laser-cut tabs for versatile body camera attachment, and it features mic tabs on the shoulder. It comes in black, dark navy, brown, tan, wolf grey and white.  

HiViz Fast Dot H3 

Sights are crucial for accuracy. This is true whether for competition or self-defense. However, getting on target quickly is extremely important when lives are on the line. It is also good when those sights can be seen in less-than-optimal light conditions. The HiViz Fast Dot H3 provides both speed and illumination. In these low-profile sights, HiViz uses a combination of tritium and fiber optics to provide visibility in all light conditions. Even better, the circle within a circle design provides extremely fast target acquisition with instant feedback. Unfortunately, these patented sights are only available for certain GLOCK, Smith & Wesson M&P and SIG P320 pistols currently.  

Holosun DRS-NV 

Red-dot scopes work well in many situations. However, just because one can see the dot doesn’t mean he or she can see the target. The Holosun DRS-NV combines a red dot and digital night vision into a single unit. The DRS-NV features an LED system with three digital reticle options. This includes a 1024×768 resolution digital night vision sensor with up to 60fps, an 8C digital zoom, and a digital image and video recording with on-board storage. It’s powered by two 18350 rechargeable flat-top batteries and comes with a magnetic coupler that connects DRS to USB power for charging batteries and downloading recorded images and video. 

Holosun SCS Carry 

Red-dot optics can really make a difference regarding speed in sight alignment. And despite having extremely long run time, the batteries in these devices can drop power. That is the genius of the Holosun SCS Carry. The Solar Charging Sight (SCS) fits subcompact handguns via either HOLOSUN-K slide cuts or RMSc cut slides with an included adapter plate. However, the most interesting feature is that the SCS-CARRY uses a solar charging system with multi-directional light sensors to automatically adjust brightness in lighting situations. It can also potentially operate indefinitely with its internal, rechargeable 20,000-hour battery. 

Leupold Mark 4HD Riflescopes 

Handgun optics might be the rage, but some nice long-range scopes were introduced in 2024 as well. This includes the Leupold Mark 4HD. On this series of scopes, Leupold uses its Professional-Grade Optical System. This means these scopes use the same glass and construction as the Mark 5HD. The company simply lowered the power ranges to make them available to more shooters. The Mark 4HD comes in five power options with multiple reticle options in both MIL and MOA, as well as illuminated. These scopes provide an answer to those looking to jump into premium optics without dropping $2,000 or more.  

Longshot Ranger+ 

Long-range shooting is a whole lot of fun. However, walking 500 yards and more to tape targets and verify hits can be a pain. Well, the Longshot Ranger Plus eliminates the walk, at least for verification, by allowing shooters to view the target out to 1,000 yards. Using 5G WiFi technology, the Ranger Plus connects to a phone or tablet, providing an instant live feed of shots through the Longshot App. With this camera, shooters only have to walk to tape or swap targets.  

Meprolight M22 

With the Meprolight M22, shooters don’t need to worry about batteries. That’s because this reflex sight is powered by fiber optics and tritium. In fact, the reticle illumination is automatically adjusted based on ambient light levels. This means shooters simply need to attach and sight the M22, and then use it without worrying about light. Shooters also don’t need to worry about weather, as the M22 can handle wind, rain and high and low temperatures. It even mounts directly to Picatinny rails and comes with two choices of reticles.  

Premier Body Armor Everyday Armor T-Shirt 2.0 

Folks carry a gun because no one knows when an attack might happen. That same concept works with the Premier Body Armor Everyday Armor T-Shirt. With IIIA Inserts, this armor can handle all common handgun calibers. It can even take the blast of a 12-gauge shotgun. What’s more, this armor is light and easy to wear every day. It weighs only 2 pounds and is only .22-inches thick. However, at 7.75 inches by 12.75 inches, this armor is still large enough to cover the cardiac box and save a life.  

Pulsar Merger Duo NXP50 

Many might not realize it, but thermal and night vision are not the same thing. Using both have required two separate optical units, until Pulsar introduced the Merger Duo NXP50. The Merger Duo looks just like classic binoculars. This makes them easy to use. However, these multispectral binoculars allow users to switch between high-contrast thermal imaging and sharp digital night vision on its 1280×960 AMOLED display. With these, folks can see up to 2,000 yards with 3-24x magnification in thermal mode or 2-16x digital magnification in digital night vision mode for versatility in any light condition. It even pierces through fog, smog, rain and dense foliage, and lets users share observations with Pulsar’s Stream Vision 2 app, which attaches to any mobile device. 

Safariland APEX Covert Carrier 

Body armor doesn’t always work if attackers know about it. That is the true benefit of the Safariland APEX Covert Carrier. This new concealable body armor vest system emphasizes personal safety, high mobility, comfort and concealment. At the core of APEX lies a four-piece carrier design that integrates two side panels with front and rear counterparts. This configuration allows the armor to move with the body, offering coverage even during movement. It comes on and off via a front zipper and it has an extended tuckable section for keeping it in place.  

Safe Life Defense Hyper Concealable HYPERLINE  

Keeping with the bullet, strike and slash protection, Safe Life Defense has brought out the Hyper Concealable HYPERLINE. Rated to Level IIIA, the HYPERLINE provides thin, light protection. In fact, it rates up to .44 Mag., while being only .19-inches thick and comfortable enough to wear against skin. The company even claims that it can be covered by a T-shirt. It is water resistance, floats and comes with 12-point adjustable straps.  

SwampFox Sentinel 2 

Reflex sights can really speed up target acquisition. However, finding that little red dot in a small window can sometimes be a pain. The SwampFox Sentinel 2 provides a larger, 20mm window, while maintaining the standard RMSc footprint. It also comes with a 3 MOA dot in either red or green, along with Swampfox’s Shake N’ Wake auto on/off feature. The Sentinel 2 even comes with a patented removable rear sight guide installed in front of the window. This guide provides backup support for micro pistols that sacrifice rear iron sights for dot sight compatibility. 

Sylvan Arms Folding Stock Adapter Gen 4 

The AR-15 is one of the most popular rifles in the country. In fact, some call it America’s gun. It doesn’t, however, fold up for easy transport. That is unless it has a Sylvan Arms Folding Stock Adapter. Designed to be compatible with most ARs, the Gen 4 unit allows the stock to be folded to either direction, depending on setup. Sylvan CNC-machines the adapter from 7075 Billet Aluminum, making it light, weighing only 6 ounces, and corrosion resistant. The full unit comes with everything needed for installation, including a castle nut wrench.  

Vortex Defender-ST 

Whether on a rifle, handgun or shotgun, the Vortex Defender-ST handles its job. Available in either three or six MOA, this reflex sight provides 10 brightness setting, two of which are even compatible with night vision. This rugged little unit is waterproof, fog proof and shock proof. It comes with ShockShield, a polymer insert that absorbs shock, as well as motion activation and a 10-minute shut off to save battery life. What’s really interesting, though, is the Fast-Rack texturing on the front of the unit, designed for racking the slide on any surface.