How to Find Competition-Ready Guns on GunBroker

If you are looking for guns for sale on, you might want one that is competition-ready or is often used in competitions and can be modded to your preferences. From finding the right guns to looking for suitable parts, here is what you need to know if you are looking for competition guns on 

Competition Ready Guns on

Know What You Are Looking For

First, you need to know what you are looking for. Are you looking for Staccato handguns, formerly STI Guns, that are already built to exacting standards? These 2011s are ready for competition out of the box. They shoot flat and have excellent accuracy. These are the types of guns you might look for first. They tend to be expensive from the manufacturer, as they have high standards and already have upgraded parts compared to other similar guns. On, you may be able to find these guns in used condition through user listings. 

VOLQUARTSEN Black Mamba 22LR 4.5in 2x 10rd Mags Arctic Camo Pistol

Be Diligent 

Competition-style guns are often popular, and you never know when one may go up on Users list new and used items around the clock from all over the nation. There could be auctions, or they could be listed under the Buy Now feature. You will want to start looking well before your 3-gun competition if you hope to add a Benelli M4 to your collection. Be diligent and check listings often. 

Consider Piecing Together a Gun

Another option is piecing together a competition-worthy gun. You need to start with a good base, but you can upgrade with parts you find on from other users. It might be a new barrel or a free-floating handguard. You might want a trigger that requires less trigger pull or change out a recoil spring to make it faster. A wider magazine well or a larger mag release are also common. It is more work for you, but getting exactly what you want could be easier by starting with a base and modifying it. 

Take a Shot

Finally, you can see if the competition-worthy gun you want has been listed with the Take a Shot option. This lets you send the user an offer. It is a commitment, so be sure it is a price you are willing and able to pay, as you cannot retract the offer. If the seller accepts your offer, you will pay that much for the item, plus any shipping costs. This gives you a way to potentially get an even better deal on an item on This is especially true for competition guns, as they are often expensive. 

STACCATO XL competition handgun, Item 947514449

Find competition guns and parts from user lists at