8 Guns From the Movie Nobody to Look for on GunBroker.com

If you are looking for guns for sale featured in the 2021 film, Nobody, starring Bob Odenkirk, look no further than private user listings hosted on GunBroker.com. You can search user listings for the same types of guns Odenkirk’s character, Hutch, wields throughout the movie. Here are some of the guns featured in the movie you might find from a private seller on GunBroker.com.


Hutch’s brother-in-law, Charlie, gives him an FN FNP 45 after the house robbery. While Hutch tosses it in the freezer at his father-in-law’s metal manufacturing plant, he later grabs it for the final battle. He also tosses it to his brother Harry (RZA) when Harry’s Uzi runs dry. 

Colt 1911

The 1911 Colt and a few variants, such as the M1911A1, are seen throughout the movie. Mafia soldiers use various models, while Hutch uses the M1911A1. They are shown on the table after the mafia assaults Hutch’s home. 

Walther PPK or HK USP

Hutch relates a story of when he was supposed to eliminate someone who stole millions of dollars from the government but instead let him go. Hutch’s memory of the event is not entirely accurate. First, he says he had a suppressed Walther PPK before correcting himself to an HK USP. To further show how bad his memory is, he says it is chambered in 45 ACP, while the gun in the movie clearly reads 9mm x 19. 

S&W Model 36

When Hutch confronts the robbers in an effort to find his daughter’s cat bracelet, he arms himself with a Smith & Wesson Model 36. It’s also the gun he wields on the bus, where he dumps the rounds out of the revolver before confronting the drunk troublemakers. 


Many of the mafia members carry Heckler & Koch MP7A1 submachine guns. Hutch takes them for his own and uses them as he rampages through the gang on his way to see Yulian (Aleksei Serebryakov). 

IMI Uzi and Micro Uzi

Other popular SMGs with the mafia in the movie are full-sized IMI Uzis. Harry also uses one in the final battle. Hutch uses a Micro Uzi he takes off a mafioso during the car chase. 

SIG SG 552

The team sent to bring Hutch to Yulian uses SIG SG 552 assault rifles. They have suppressors, EOTech holographic sights, angled foregrips, and lights attached to them. Yulian also uses an SG 552 during the final battle, as do many of his mafia goons. 

Ithaca 37 Stakeout

Hutch’s father, David (played by Christopher Lloyd), seems to have a penchant for shotguns. He uses an unidentified double-barreled shotgun when confronted by hitmen and later in the final battle. He also uses two Ithaca 37 Stakeout shotguns in the final battle. 

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