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When you want to own the firearm you saw in your favorite show, a reliable site to find them at is Whether you are looking for new or used guns for sale or at auction, the users of publish new listings around the clock. Here are some firearms that you might recognize from popular action television shows.

The Walking Dead: Walther P22

While the most famous firearm in “The Walking Dead” is the Colt Python used by character Rick Grimes, there is another gun used by Rick as well as Carol. The Walther P22 is a single- and double-action 22 LR pistol. The Walther’s 22 LR chambering makes it well-suited for the range, though it requires high-velocity rounds to cycle efficiently. If you want to train against a zombie apocalypse, either real or televised, take a Walther P22 along with your Colt Python on your next trip to the range.

24: Taurus Judge

The revolver used by character Jack Bauer on “24” is the Judge pistol. When Bauer and Cole Ortiz go to rescue Dana Walsh, he uses the Judge Public Defender. The revolver’s name reportedly derives from its popularity with judges in Florida. Along with its 45 Colt chambering, the Judge can also use 410 shells, turning this unique firearm into a small shotgun and making it suitable for keeping snakes off farms.

Supernatural: Colt M1911A1 and Taurus PT92AFS

If you want to kit up like Sam and Dean Winchester in “Supernatural,” you want the classic Colt M1911A1 and the Taurus PT92AFS. Dean uses a Colt with custom engraving and ivory grips throughout the series. Sam’s firearm of choice is the Taurus PT92AFS, which was also a common sight in “Miami Vice”. In the first season, Sam uses a Taurus with pearl grips along with a laser. Both Dean and Sam use stainless steel versions of their respective firearms.

The Rookie: Smith & Wesson M&P

“The Rookie” tries to mimic the real Los Angeles Police Department as closely as possible. In the fictional television series, which stars Nathan Fillion as Officer John Nolan, the trainee officers use the Smith & Wesson M&P, which is replacing the Glock 17 as the department-issued handgun. Notice that the training officers still use the Glocks while the trainees use M&Ps.

The Punisher: Kimber Warrior

One of the most iconic guns used by character Frank Castle in the streaming series “The Punisher” is the Kimber Warrior. A variant of the Colt M1911, Castle uses the Kimber Warrior during his service in Afghanistan and then later in his guise as The Punisher. Character Billy Russo also uses a Kimber Warrior in some episodes.

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Do you want to own the same firearms as your favorite TV show characters? Whether you want The Punisher’s Kimber Warrior or the Taurus Judge that character Jack Bauer uses in “24”, you can find iconic guns for sale and auction at Read more to learn about the recognizable guns used by popular characters from recent action shows.

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Going to the range with a firearm from a TV show is one way to feel like your favorite character. From the Taurus Judge used by Jack Bauer on “24” to the Smith & Wesson M&P used by John Nolan in “The Rookie”, you can find these guns for sale or auction at Need help identifying which character is using which gun? Read more to find out.