Best Budget Pistols for Beginners

I believe we can all agree that personal protection is an area that shouldn’t be under-funded. However, sometimes you just can’t afford the top tier. With that in mind, here is a list of some of best budget pistols under $400.  With this, you can still protect yourself without breaking the budget.

One of the first pistols that should be mentioned is the S&W SD9ve. This 9mm personal protection pistol is an easy choice. With textured grips, white dot sights, a 16+1 capacity, and a well-known name; this pistol is a solid choice no doubt.

The next pistol to look at is the Walther CCP. This lightweight and compact 9mm pistol is a great deal: textured grips, 3 dot polymer sights, and a smooth trigger; it’s a simple get-the-job-done kind of pistol.

The TriStar C-100 is yet another 9mm competitor in this list. It’s lightweight, has a 15+1 ammo capacity, snag-free rear dovetail, and textured grips. It’s a comfortable size and responds well to the user.

The final pistol in this list would be the 9mm Ruger American Pistol. The Ruger has almost everything that all these other pistols have. Textured grips, 17 + 1 capacity, 3-dot carry sights and lightweight for its size (29.2 oz for almost 7 inches long and 4.5 in height). Not to mention its short trigger and reduced recoil.

It goes without saying that all of these pistols are well known and reliable. Whatever choice you make, it’ll come through when it counts.