5 Tips for Safe Gun Storage

Safe Gun Storage

Training is an important part of gun ownership, with the very first lesson being about gun safety. Owners need to know how to safely carry and use firearms. Training is just as important as owning a gun and should be a never-ending concept. This includes safe gun storage. 

Preventing unauthorized access to firearms is just as important as keeping your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. Regardless of whether it’s an unknown individual or a friend or family member, owners need to store guns and ammunition in a way to prevent unwanted access. In fact, 26 states have some version of a safe gun storage law. These laws are mostly aimed at preventing access by children, however, some are more stringent with significant consequences. 

Even without laws, it is the gun owner’s responsibly to safely store his or her firearms when not in use. This is no different than being responsible for every bullet fired from a gun. No one wants someone getting hold of a gun and hurting themselves or others. 

Of course, having access to one’s own firearms might be important for a variety of reasons. Everyone’s situation is different, and there is no one way to prevent unauthorized access to firearms. This is especially true if those guns might be needed quickly. So, here are some things to consider when storing your firearms. 

Safe Gun Storage Tips

Be Proactive

It might seem almost too simple, but being proactive regarding gun safety covers most issues. A firearm can’t be an afterthought. Those who are always thinking about gun safety don’t break gun safety rules. This is also the case when it comes to safe gun storage. Those who make a point to always secure firearms will never leave one accessible, to anybody. 

Do Your Research

Some people have children, others don’t. Some might live with a person who suffers from depression or another form of mental issue. No one’s life is exactly the same.  As such, what works for a parent in a gated community might not for the spouse of someone who suffers from mental illness in a high crime area. You need to research the best way to store firearms for your needs. There are countless types of safes and locks that prevent access by others while keeping guns available if needed. 

Consider Upgrading

Every firearm comes with a lock. It is usually a weird looking padlock with a shaft that is bendable and much longer. These locks are universal and good for preventing access, but can also be defeated by a dedicated person. Big, fireproof safes are great but unnecessary without large collections. They can also be slow to access due to keys or pass codes. As such, consider upgrading to a biometric lock with a key backup, regardless of safe size. These provide security along with quick access. Sure, they cost more, but safety requires sacrifice. 

Go Heavy

Those relatively compact gun safes that easily hide under the bed or in the closet keeps handguns safe but accessible. However, if these safes aren’t secured to something heavy, someone can just pick it up and walk away. And while having a big, heavy safe doesn’t guarantee that no one can take it, it does help. Smaller safes should be secured to concrete or secured in other ways. Don’t make it easy for the bad guys. 

Think Like a Criminal

This one might seem counterproductive, but it is probably the best advice one can receive to prevent the theft of firearms. And it is not what most would think. Think like a criminal basically means to make things difficult. In general, thieves are looking for an easy score, items to get away with quickly to turn into fast cash. Hardening your home can often push potential thieves away. It is the same with valuables, such as firearms, if they do get inside. Thieves aren’t going to spend an hour trying to break into a secure lockbox or safe. Nor are they going to spend a lot of time searching for hiding spots. Make guns hard to get to or hard to find. 

Learn more about gun storage and safety at NSSF.org.

4 Gun Storage Options

Barska Biometric Wall Safe

Biometric safes provide fast access to a select few. Those in the wall can also be hidden to provide even more security. Of course, backup entry options are important in case of problems, such as power loss. Barska builds a variety of biometric safes, including wall safes that can be secured between wall studs. Be sure to consider inside storage capacity to ensure it can hold the desired items. 

Hornady One-Gun Keypad Vault

Sometimes folks want to keep a single handgun accessible in case of a situation. For something like this, they should consider the Hornady One-Gun Keypad Vault. With interior dimensions of 11.4 x 8.6 x 3 inches, this keypad safe provides security and access to a single, full-size handgun. Users can program it for either four or six digits and its spring-activated door pops open quickly. Premium foam protects contents, and it comes with two, backup barrel keys in case the battery dies. 

SnapSafe Titan 

Safe gun storage consists of preventing access, along with protection from fire. The SnapSafe Titan series of modular safes offer options for storing from 12 to 56 long guns, depending on model chosen. SnapSafe uses a SecuRam Digital Lock with key backup for access and security. It also uses nine-gauge steel exterior walls and heat activated door fire seals, rating up to 2,300-degree F one-hour Fire Shield protection. 

Vaultek Lifepod 2.0

Sometimes folks need a way to secure a handgun when out and about due to regulations on carry. For those times, consider the Vaultek Lifepod 2.0. This single-gun safe is water resistant, dust proof, airtight and lightweight, and it floats. It comes with a backlit LED keypad for access, with a key backup, along with a 48-inch steel security cable. It is impact resistant and meets TSA guidelines. 

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