5 Things a New Gun Owner Needs

If you have just bought your first firearm, there are some accessories that you will want to have available to you. Whether it is to improve your experience at the range, have a safe place to keep your firearm, or just buying more ammo so you can keep going to the range and practice, these accessories are essential. 

A Holster or Sling to Keep Firearms Secure

First, whether you have an AR 15 or a Glock 35, you will want somewhere to store it while you are not actively holding it, but that keeps the firearm close by. For a handgun, this is a holster. It could be inside the belt, outside the belt such as on a battle belt, or attached to a belt but as a leg drop, usually with another strap around your leg for stability. Another option, especially for service members, is a holster on a plate carrier or strap. You will want a sling for rifles, which keeps your rifle on your body but lets you use your hands. While there are single-, double-, and triple-point slings, double-point tends to be the most popular for its versatility.

Optics for Your Desired Range

Shooting with iron sights can be a challenge, especially when shooting at longer ranges. You can increase your effective range with optics, especially ones with magnification. This is especially important for rifles, but optics can also make target acquisition much faster with handguns. It is a good idea to keep backup iron sights on rifles, but nearly all firearms can benefit from the addition of a red dot sight or scope.

A Gun Safe for Storage

Whether you have children or not, you want a safe place to store your gun. It should be free from moisture and away from large temperature swings. Most importantly, it should be hard for someone without the proper code to get into.

Extra Ammo in the Right Caliber

You just picked up a Henry Model H009 and are excited to hunt deer. You go to the range to practice a few times before going out. When you do go on your hunt, you realize you do not have any more 30 30 ammo. Always have more ammo than you think you will need, and keep some ammo aside that you will not take to the range. Be sure to store it in airtight ammo boxes, as well, to prevent degradation of the ammo.

Targets to Shoot

Be sure to have targets when you go to the range, which can help you improve your shot. For example, if you are going to use a Beretta A300 for hunting waterfowl, you will want targets like clay pigeons, which mimic flying through the air. You will want both large and small circular targets for running drills to get more accurate for handguns and rifles.

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