5 Items That Should Be In Your Range Bag

5 Items for Your Range Bag You May Not Think About


When you head to the range, you likely already have a range bag set up. However, there are some things that you either need to check and replace before heading out or ensure you have before you leave for the range. When you arrive at the range, you want to be able to get out your guns and start firing as soon as possible. Here are some of the items to check before you leave.

Knife and Utility Tools

Always have on hand a knife and utility tools for the specific guns you are bringing. You may also consider bringing a multitool as well. The knife and multitool can have many uses, from cutting tape or boxes of clays to emergencies, should someone get hurt. The utility tools can help with everything from helping take down your Knights Armament AR 15 to adjusting sights. You will likely want to keep the knife or multitool on you, such as in a chest rig or on your belt.

Medical Items

It is always a good practice to bring medical items with you to the range in case of emergencies. Often, these items take the form of an individual first aid kit, or IFAK. The IFAK is usually hung on a belt or from a backpack or rucksack. When was the last time you checked on the items to see if they were expired? Do you have enough tourniquets? The old saying with tourniquets is that one is none and two is one. You will want to periodically take inventory of your medical items and what needs to be replaced.

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Snacks and Water

Similarly to medical items, you will want to ensure you have snacks and water already set in your range bag or bladder. You might assume you still have snacks and water from your last range trip, only to find you have no more water bottles and the snacks expired or are all eaten. It is always a good idea to ensure you have extra calories and hydration on hand during a long day at the range.

Extra Batteries

Do you have extra batteries for all your items? The sight on your Kahr PM9 might go out; without extra batteries, you will not have your tell-tale red dot. Your rangefinder might need batteries, making it easier to do long-distance target shooting. Without those batteries, you may be far less accurate.


Some avid shooters religiously check their magazines after a range trip. Others do not. You will want to make sure that your mags are kept stocked to save yourself range time. Otherwise, you will need to reload the mags at the beginning of your session. You should also take time to check the feed lips and springs. These parts can wear down with use.

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