Reach: Firearm Safe by Vara Safety

Reach: a new generation of firearm safety for the home.

Product Demo:

Fast as a holder, secure as a safe. Reach allows you convenience and accessibility to your handgun while protecting it from unauthorized users. With advanced biometric fingerprint technology, Reach provides access to your weapon in under half a second. It pairs with a secure charging mount, allowing you to place your handgun anywhere for easy access. Features include:

  • A large biometric sensor that uses premier capacitance technology for accurate fingerprint data capture and high reliability. Add up to five authorized users, preventing children and intruders from unlocking the gun.
  • A charging mount that keeps the safe plugged in for reliable power. The mount is versatile and can be used to secure Reach next to the bed, in the closet, under a desk, or in the vehicle.
  • An internal backup battery that is rechargeable and holds power for an additional few months, in the case of an emergency power outage.
  • A holster insert that can be changed out to your specific handgun model (ie. Glock insert,1911 insert, etc).
  • A mechanical key override as a physical means of backup