Widget Examples – do not delete

DEV NOTES: This is just a test widget to see if the API works across the reverse proxy. To make this sample work, I had to include jQuery, Bootstrap, HammerJS and the widget directly on this page again ( some of those libraries are included on the WP master page ) which causes issues with the header on mobile. The JS files on the WordPress master page are at the bottom of the page near the footer. Because the widget has a dependency on jQuery, Bootstrap and HammerJS, the additional scripting like we have on this page would have to come after that, or we’d have to move the JS files in the WordPress master page to the head section.

Note that this will only run under the reverse proxy (gunbroker.com domain) and not the aws location (ec2-50-112-134-182.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com).

price test