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Nothing has changed the landscape of business more than the Internet. Small businesses have never had a greater opportunity to increase their bottom line by reaching national and global customers. Firearms sales are no exception.

“ has opened my small business to millions of people every month,” reports Kasey McKay, who has been selling on since 2005 under the username Locust Fork. is the number one Internet destination for hunters, shooters and collectors looking to buy or sell firearms and related items in a safe, friendly environment. The seller chooses how to set the price for the item. offers various listing options, including Auction style, BuyNow! And Fixed Price formats. Basic listings on are free until the item sells. When the item sells, charges a final value fee that is based on the selling price of the item.

“With so many people viewing the auctions, it’s obvious that the participants recognize an item’s worth. I’ve never been disappointed or upset with a winning bid.” McKay stated. “I list all my items for a penny with no reserve. 99% of the time I make more then I ever expected to get from my listings.”

“With so many people viewing the auctions, the participants recognize an item’s worth. I list all my items for a penny with no reserve. 99% of the time I make more then I ever expected.”

Kasey McKay

According to McKay, the level of participation on the site also ensures that buyers get a fair price regardless of their location. “It’s been my experience that states with harsh restrictions on firearms have fewer shops, and as a result, higher prices,” she said. “ levels the playing field. As long as they follow their local laws, a person in California can purchase a firearm for the same price as someone in Alabama.” has become such an important aspect that McKay now uses the site for non-firearm auctions. “I tried eBay and other firearm auctions years ago, but I haven’t looked back since joining,” McKay said. “There are so many people monitoring the site, that I have confidence in every one of our auctions, whether the item is a gun or not.”

“Customers aren’t limited to local inventories anymore,” McKay noted. “The Internet is changing how people buy everything. Using gives me confidence in the continued success of my business. If it weren’t for this site I would definitely not be where I am today.”


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