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Learn the benefits of working with the largest online auction site dedicated to firearms and shooting sports.
Learn how to list items for sale on in our detailed seller’s tutorial.
Register to buy or sell items on

Listing Items

List an item for sale on Basic listings are free of charge unless the item sells; see our Fees page for full details.
See average prices by model over the past 12 months, including price distribution. Use this information to better understand fair prices and variability in pricing based on conditions and market demand.
Get a personal appraisal of your item’s value. For $15.00 our partner Value My Stuff will appraise your item.
Use our item listing templates to give your item descriptions a sharper, more formatted look. Our item listing templates make it easier for buyers to find the information they’re looking for in your listings.

During the Auction

View current or past listings organized into various logical views, including Items I Listed and Items I Sold .
If your item has not been bid on, you can change the listing properties such as title or description, starting bid, reserve price, length, etc.
Add more information to your auction’s description. You can also use this to add pictures to your listing.
Add / Remove / Change the pictures or thumbnail on an Auction.
You can use this to close your auction before its scheduled ending date and time.
Check the feedback rating of yourself, another seller, or a bidder.

After the Auction

Retrieve the name and address of a user that you have bought from or sold to.
To prevent forgery of FFL licenses, you must verify the license copy that the buyer sent to you against our database of FFL information.
Submit feedback on one or more winning bidders simultaneously.
Provides both a fast and easy way to relist one or more items immediately with no changes, and a way to relist an individual item after making changes to it before you relist it.
This page helps you collect payment from a winning bidder and explains how to get a credit if a winning bidder fails to complete the transaction.
Learn about the benefits of the shipping system.
This page lets you create a shipment using the shipping system.
View all the shipments created in the system.
Streamline the entire after auction process by using the Checkout system. Before enrolling in the Checkout system please read the Checkout summary on the How to Sell page to familiarize you with the process.
This page lets you see all the orders that belong to you from a sellers or buyers perspective.

Manage the Auction

Review the financial status of your account, including fees assessed and payments made. You can also print a statement here.
Change your account information, including your user name, email address, and other contact information.
Place a bank account on file so you may list items for sale and pay for your services on an ongoing basis. If you do this, you will automatically be charged each month for the services you use.
Place a credit card on file with us to pay for site services on an ongoing basis. If you do this, you will automatically be charged each month for the services you use.
Pay for services you used by using your credit card or bank account on file.
If you have your own web site or run auctions or classified ads elsewhere and would like to link back to your items on, this page will show you how to do it.
Block bidders so that they are unable to bid on your auctions.
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Tools also provides our users with an API (Application Programming Interface) they can use to interact with the site. We provide a RESTful API.
For users who have a lot of items to list we offer a Bulk Lister. The Bulk Lister is designed to be a quick and easy way to upload large numbers of listings at one time. This tool will eliminate having to enter items one at a time and will allow you to create your listings using an Excel spreadsheet. offers buyer centric apps for mobile devices, designed to expose your items to as many buyers on as many devices possible. Buyers can browse, bid, buy on the go and receive push notifications on buying activity.

The mobile site is also available, accessible from any mobile device at Seller features are incorporated in the mobile site, with more features added on a regular basis.

We want our sellers to make top dollar sales and move more inventory. In pursuit of these common goals, we created a Dealer Store offering tools to help you work with The charge for these items is solely to cover the cost of shipping. The items themselves are provided free of charge. See what is currently available.
When using our basic image uploader, you may encounter errors if you are trying to upload pictures that are too large. If that happens, we recommend
that you resize your pictures before trying to upload them. To resize your images:

  • Windows users: download Image Resizer.
  • Mac users: Use Preview, the image viewer application included with Mac OSX. Select Tools > Adjust Size to bring up the Resize dialog.


Orchid Advisors helps firearms manufacturers, distributors and retailers achieve compliance and operational excellence through education, technology, software and consulting solutions that reduce risk, cut costs, and provide expert guidance to make our clients’ businesses more successful and efficient. Orchid Advisors is the Firearms Industry’s Trusted Compliance & Operations Experts and is endorsed by the industry’s four leading associations. For more information, visit is a breakthrough, modern software application to launch, manage and grow Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL) and Special Occupational Tax (SOT) holders. Starting as low as $1.50 per day, firearm business owners now have access to Inventory Management Software, Product Training, Business Applications, Licensing Tools, ATF Compliance Software, and Industry Networking Tools. is powered by Orchid Advisors and sponsored by the four leading industry associations, NSSF, NASGW, ASA and the NRA. can be purchased at a discounted rate through the association websites or directly from and can choose from three service levels that provide the following 24×7 online services:

Firearm Inventory Management Software: Barcoding and Handling Units; Inventory Taking Software; and Physical Security Guidance
Product Training and Business Applications: Handgun, Long Gun, NFA Videos; National Pricing Trends; and eCommerce and Auction Site Access
Licensing Tools and Regulatory Content: FFL/SOT Launch Service; ATF, Import and Export Videos; and Federal and State Regulatory Updates
Compliance Software Applications: Electronic A&D Bound Books; ATF ePDFs and eForms; Online Policy Portal; and ATF Self-Inspection Services
Industry Networking Tools: Software and Hardware Company Listings and Member Only Meetings.

An escrow service acts as an intermediary between
buyer and seller to ensure that neither side is dissatisfied or gets ripped off during the
transaction. Make your purchases with confidence!
71lbs automates your shipping refunds. Did you know every FedEx and UPS shipment is backed by a money-back-guarantee if delivered late – even by 60 seconds? 71lbs’ fast and automated shipping audits ensure you never miss another due refund. Your FedEx and UPS accounts are monitored for late deliveries, claims are automatically filed on your behalf and refunds get credited back to your shipping accounts. You will need your own FedEx and/or UPS shipping account to participate. Last year, more than $2 Billion dollars in shipping refunds went unclaimed. How much are you leaving on the table? Find out at
is an innovative program offered by
firearms-trained litigators, The Chiafullo Group, LLP (“the Group”), where the
Group acts as a cooperatively financed, de facto “general counsel” to
participating clients. The framework of the FFLGuard program is designed to provide
participating Federal Firearms Licensees cost-efficient access to legal professionals –
specifically-trained firearms lawyers and other qualified legal personnel – whom deliver
both educational training and rapid response services, all with a sharp focus on
safeguarding the viability of the client’s FFL. In addition, the majority of the client’s
retainer to the Group for participation in the FFLGuard program is held in trust with
other participant’s retainer fees. Should it be necessary to access that money to pay for
that client’s legal fees in a time of need, and subject to certain less than onerous
conditions, the funds will be available for the use by the collective.

Payment Gateways

Fast Charge Payment Gateway is a endorsed Merchant Services provider offering low cost, firearms friendly credit card processing.

  • Low cost, gun friendly merchant account
  • Mobile, retail and website processing solutions
  • Easy integration with’s checkout system
BankCard USA, a.k.a. the “Gun Bank” is the largest credit card processor and experts in the Defense industry. We know what an FFL dealer is and we know the difference between a Class I and Class III.

BankCard USA understands the pains of being shut down, having funds held, inflated/increasing rates and chargebacks that can occur with the firearm industry. Our solution is designed to eliminate those problems.

We eliminate the agents and other middlemen as we are one of only a few dozen full service processors in the nation who handle all the payments accepted in the US market. Of that few dozen there are only 2 that service the gun industry with enthusiasm, and we are one of them.

We frequently save our merchants hundreds or thousands of dollars a month by eliminating the extra hands and margin in their processing with our bank direct program. We reduce the monthly fees, and nickel and dime charges that make it so difficult to process cards.

We can set you up in 24 hours to accept payments for your online store,, or retail shop all with no contract, startup fee or cancellation fee.

Payment Alliance International (PAI) is a endorsed Merchant Services provider. PAI gives businesses the ability to accept debit and credit cards in payment for goods and services. Payment Alliance International was the first to create a complete Shooting Sports Payments Package and will process credit & debit cards in a storefront, wireless or e-commerce environment.
Payment Alliance International Offers:

  • Guaranteed lowest pricing point (swiped or keyed)
  • Mobile credit & debit card processing solutions
  • Easy integration with’s checkout system

While other card processors have walked away from the firearms/shooting sports industry, Payment Alliance International has embraced it. We work with thousands of FFLs and industry professionals and are also endorsed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), National Rifle Association (NRA), National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW) and Single Action Shooting Society (SASS).

E-Commerce Tools

Ecomdash, the first ever multichannel inventory software to integrate with, offers sellers better control over inventory, sales and product listings. Ecomdash is known for its robust inventory management capabilities across marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, ecommerce websites and point of sale (POS) systems alike. It also provides sales order, supplier, shipping, drop-shipping, purchasing and listing management all in one system for a great price. With ecomdash, you can automate inventory quantity adjustments for your orders, and enjoy improved control and visibility across all your sales channels. Quickly manage your current product listings, mitigate the risk of stock outs and streamline all components of your ecommerce workflow.

For over 10 years SellerVantage has been at the forefront of online marketing building innovative,
technology-driven applications that reach free & classified markets. Our Agile approach to software allows us to deliver business value
when the marketplace demands it. SellerVantage offers all types of businesses the complete solution for synchronous selling
to e-commerce sites like eBay, Amazon, Craigslist &® is the only software created specifically for listing and managing auctions on With this easy to use application you can be listing and managing your auctions on within five minutes of sign-up. The integrated program with multiple default and saved setting options will cut your future listing time in half. Save your listings, completed auctions, high resolution images and order information on listagun’s secure server allowing you to quickly and easily reuse the information for future auctions.

Automate your order management process with listagun’s smartly laid out functions and emails with access to the application from any device – Mobile phones, tablets, laptops and high resolution desktop computers.

Rapid Gun Systems makes syncing your available inventory with quick and painless—all while staying ATF compliant.

You’ll save time by allowing your point-of-sale system to automatically shift items that are bid on into “committed” status so you don’t oversell/over-commit your inventory. The integration also allows you to set “starting bids”, “reserve”, and “buy it now” prices from within your POS system, as well as all required fields (items categories, sales durations, quantities available, shipping terms, etc.). With Rapid Gun Systems, you’ll be able to control your listings from within a singular system login—effectively eliminating double data entry, manual inventory counting, and user error.

Sell more with the BEST POS for gun stores. Contact us today for a FREE demo.

Within your Celerant Command Retail POS management system, you can manage your firearm sales within the requirements of the
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). All data is stored within your system, and you no longer have to keep physical records.
Cervelle Software designs, develops, and sells Point of Sale (POS) Software for small to medium-sized businesses.
For over twenty years, Data Age has dedicated itself to serving the needs of the Pawn Industry. One of the most
revolutionary pieces of software is our PawnMaster Pawn software. This software allows the pawn shop owner to buy / sell instead of
having to manage the business as much.

ATF Tools

After you purchased your firearm, you can prefill out your background check by filling out this form.
EZ-4473 Software Form Filling Software helps eliminate
any possibility of clerical errors or a sale to undeserving individuals, which could
result in the revocation of your FFL License and ultimately closure of your business.
EZ-4473 Form Filling Software will provide completeness and legibility of all information,
validates age, residency and expiration dates. EZ-4473 will not allow a transaction to
proceed with an improper Yes or No answer. EZ-4473 features advanced look-up by Last Name,
Date, Transaction Number Serial Number and much more. EZ-4473 lets you enter 4473
information into your computer and then print the information onto the 4473 form.