Why Sell With GunBroker.com?

The World’s Largest Online Auction Specializing in Firearms and Shooting Sports

GunBroker.com is the largest online auction site dedicated to firearms, hunting, shooting and related products:

  • Consistently attracts an average of 7 million unique monthly visitors.
  • We have over 4 million registered users.
  • 80 percent of our traffic are regular users.

A specialist in the firearms industry:

  • Created to be an auction site for the unique needs of the firearms industry.
  • A partner with the industry, supporting the NRA, NSSF, Hunting Heritage Trust, Shooting Sports Summit and USA Shooting.

How Does GunBroker.com’s Size and Expertise Benefit Me and My Business?

Increase Cash Flow

Turn used guns into cash in a matter of days to help with cash flow.

Pawn America, with 20 stores in Minnesota and South Dakota, now sells about 250 firearms with GunBroker.com a year.

Brad Rixmann

Pawn America

“We take firearms as trade-ins and sell them profitably to a knowledgeable buyer base online. We’ve been able to turn our inventory as often as 9 times per year without it ever reaching the retail floor.” MORE (PDF) >

Sell to a Nationwide Customer Base

Access millions of interested collectors and enthusiasts who are shopping your items each day.

Red's Trading Post

Since registering on GunBroker.com in 2000, Red’s Trading Post in Idaho has seen an increase in annual sales of more than 600 percent.

“The online sales with GunBroker.com now comprise roughly half of our store’s total business. We have also eliminated the problems we had with seasonal sales – now we sell year round and 24/7.” MORE (PDF) >

Maximize Profits

Make top dollar on the used guns you sell which allows you to offer higher trade-in values and make more new gun sales.

Kasey McKay

“I started a home-based business with a business license and my FFL. I buy 50-75 guns per month from various sources and list them all on GunBroker.com. I have also been doing consignment sales for people. I recently liquidated 2 collections for widows that were apprehensive of selling a firearm collection they were left with.” MORE (PDF) >


Expand Your In-Store Traffic

Promote your business when you agree to use your FFL to handle transactions for local buyers. You can charge for your services and gain new customers for your store in the process.

Ryan Horsley

“Our in-store traffic has risen as a result of GunBroker.com. We have an opportunity to build a relationship with a new customer when they come in to pick up the purchase they made on GunBroker.com.” MORE (PDF) >


No Insertion Fees

List all of your items for free with a basic listing, or use our upgraded services to drive additional traffic to your items. Pay only when your item sells or when you use our optional services.When your item sells, the Final Value Fee is surprisingly low – just $23.75 to sell a $500 item.

CalculatorUse this calculator to compute the Final Value Fee – charged only after your item sells:

Your Store Never Closes

GunBroker.com is open 24 hours a day for shopping and selling convenience.

AAC Guns
Jerome Brewster

“Using GunBroker.com is extremely quick and easy. The nice thing about GunBroker.com, is I can list my items in a few minutes and then go about taking care of other business.” MORE (PDF) >