FFL Holder Network – International Firearms Transfer Agents

The FFL Holder Network is designed to make it easier for a buyer to get in touch with a local FFL holder in his local area that is willing to manage the transfer of the buyer’s firearms purchase. The FFL holder will typically charge a nominal fee for providing this service. In addition to the fees listed, the FFL holder may be required by law to collect sales tax, background check fees, or other transfer-related fees.It is very important that you contact the FFL holder before placing a bid on an
item to verify the complete cost of the transfer, to verify the legality of the item in
your area, and to make sure you qualify to pass any required background checks.
For more information on importing items into the US or exporting
items from the US, please check our Import / Export Page.

International Firearms Transfer Agents

Borderview International
1001 Evergreen Street
Suite B1
Lynden, WA
USA 98264

phone: (877) 947-4867
fax: (877) 947-4867web: http://www.borderview.com
email: export@borderview.com

Borderview International offers firearm import and export services at the best value.
Our proximity to the Canadian border can save you hundreds of dollars on freight forwarding and customs brokerage fees.
We also offer a Border Delivery Service for B.C. residents.
We also specialize in exports to Ausralia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and worldwide! For countries other than Canada, we also offer a great value and service.
Visit our website for more information, and a quote: http://www.borderview.com. We look forward to serving you!Call or email for a quote, or check out the Import/Export section on our
website, at http://www.borderview.com.
We look forward to serving you!
Griffin & Howe
33 Claremont Road
Bernardsville, NJ, USA 07924

phone: (908) 766-2287
fax: (908) 766-1068
web: http://griffinhowe.com
email: info@griffinhowe.com
hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Mon – Sat

Griffin & Howe has been in the firearms business for over 90 years.
We offer a variety of services including gunsmithing, gun making, buying, trading and selling.
We are also a registered Exporter with both the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls
and the US Commerce Department as well as hold a type 08 Federal Firearm License for importing.
Irunguns, LLC
2600 N KIOWA BLVD #102
Lake Havasu City, AZ
USA 86403

phone: (928) 505-6794
fax: (780) 640-0708
web: http://www.irunguns.ca
email: jason@irunguns.us
hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Mon – Fri

IRUNGUNS is an importer/exporter of firearms and related products. We maintain 17 licenses to do business in the United States and Canada. We also hold an SOT and we are an NFA manufacturer. This gives us the ability to export NFA/Class 3 firearms. We have our own freight forwarding company so freight charges are minimal. We have been importing/exporting since 2012.

Transfer fee is $25.00

Questar International
7 – 201 Hurst Drive,
Barrie, Ontario, Canada, L4N-8K8

phone: (705) 725-0574
fax: (705) 725-0531
email: Info@Questar.ca
web: www.Questar.ca

Questar International works with a US based FFL to offer both Canadian and U.S. customers Import and Export services for firearms and related products between the United States and Canada.
High Bridge Arms, Inc.
Philip C. Tong
3185 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

phone: 415-643-9255
fax: 415-282-6520

We are a licensed exporter. We have exported hundreds of rifles and shotguns
to Japan since 1993 and can help you with your export needs to Japan or other countries.
CMR Classic Firearms Co
(Formely CMR International Firearms)
Charles M. Roscoe, Export Coordinator
53 High Street
Ashford, Kent  TN24 8SG
United Kingdom

phone: (0)1233 613329/665892
fax: (0)1233 613329
email: info@cmrfirearms.com
Transfer fees: Details on request

We specialize in the sale of Classic Firearms
& Accessories.
Mauser Broomhandle Pistols, Lugers, P.38, Colt 1911 etc.
Westley Richards & Co Ltd, Cogswell & Harrison and Hans Tauscher Mauser &
Luger Classic (style) Pistol Cases circa 1920, plus a fine selection of Holsters &
Accessories.Specialist suppliers of C96 Mauser Broomhandle Pistols & Lugers,
Accessories, Presentation Cases,Holster and WW1 & WW11 Prussian/Imperial German
headgear etc.We purchase one off items or entire collections.Catalogue available.For further details see: http://www.cmrfirearms.com
Russells Firearms Limited
335 Welton Street
Sydney, Nova Scotia, B1P-5S6

phone: 902-564-0077
fax: 902-564-4559
Toll free # from NFLD 1-800-564-8881
email: russell.c@ns.sympatico.ca

Quality Guns & Sporting Items
Licensed gunsmith, repairs to all types of guns. Hot tank bluing. Specializing in
parkerized finishes parts and accessories for firearms in stock.We can ship to anywhere in North America.
Scott Hibbert
6, Weavers Walk Bell GreenCoventry, UK CV6 7LH

phone: 01203 661574
email: scotthibbert@yahoo.com

Sinclair Engravers
Bill Sinclair
3 The Pippins,
Warminster, Wiltshire BA12 8TH

phone: 44 1985 218544
fax: 44 1985 214111
email: wsinclair@clara.net
Hours: 0900-1800
Transfer fee: Depends on difficulty of import

Engraving of best quality guns and rifles.
Single shot custom rifles sometimes available or built and engraved to order. Have cut
many guns for the top London makers.
The Victorian Armoury

CEO – Robert Ripa
15-19 Beckett Ave
Keilor East, Victoria 3033

phone: +61 41 855 4909
email: thevicarm@gmail.comweb: thevicarm.comHours: 9am-5pm ( AEST )

Australian Specialists

Importing Firearms and Parts to Australia
All Regulatory Controls Taken Care Of:
* Exporting From the USA for Importing Assistance for all Australian Licenced Clients.
* The correct Licence and adherence to your States’ firearm legislation is a Must.
* All assistance for provided for Australian Clients who choose www.Gunbroker.com

Guns and Ammo
Oswestry, Shropshire sy109hg

phone: 07989 292747
email: j.w.ethelston@nsc.co.uk

Action Central
Andrew Bhatti
16 Beresford Road
Southall, Middlesex
London UB1 1NJ
United Kingdom-England

phone: +44 0208 571 1764
fax: +44 0870 126 5826
email: haulme@ic24.net or andrew@abhatti.swinternet.co.ukHours: 4.30-9.00pm Weekdays 10.00-8.00 Weekends GMT
Transfer fee: £5.00

Come visit us at: http://www.action-central.co.uk

Providing legitimate firearms to the UK

Aquila Arms
Chris Evans
Big Ben Centre
6th Avenue
Newton Park, Port Elizabeth 6045
South Africa

phone: +27 41 365 7990
fax: +27 41 365 7992
email: aquila@iafrica.com

We offer a large range of services. We buy,
trade and sell firearms – rifles, shotguns and handguns. We offer an in-shop shooting
range for testing, training and practicing with handguns. We offer quality gunsmithing,
servicing and refurbishing of firearms. We have a range of ammunition, hunting and
reloading accessories, outdoor equipment and much more.
International Exporters
110 S. 7th Street #D
Hotchkiss, CO 81419

phone: +(001)970/872 3770
fax: +(001)970/872 3757
email: etssusa@usa.net
web: http://www.etssincusa.com

International customers should contact an exporter BEFORE they begin bidding, as some firearms/accessories may not be exportable. In order to prevent any problems, international customers should try to varify the exportability of a wanted item before bidding.
Knesek Guns, Inc.
1204 Knesek Lane
Van Buren, AR

phone: (479) 474-1680
fax: (479) 471-0377
email: sales@knesekguns.com
web: www.knesekguns.com

Hurricane Butterfly Research Corp.
Tacoma, WA 98402

phone: 253-414-6066
fax: 253-272-4740
web: http://hurricanebutterflyresearch.com/
email: jmwong@firearmslawgroup.com

Hurricane Butterfly Research Corporation has been in busines since 2002. Partnering with the Jason Wong and Firearms Law Group, we are able to ensure 100% legal and reliable exports from the United States to (almost) anywhere in the world. We have experience shipping single firearms to thousands of firearms in a single transaction. No transaction is too big or too small.

Our fee is based upon a simple formula – $250 + 3% of the transaction, with a minimum fee of $350. Shipping is FOB United Sates – shipping costs will depend upon shipping dimensions, weight, and destination.

Please contact us to inquire about our services, and how we may be able to assist with your export transaction.

Johnson Firearms, Inc

2412 N Miami Ave

Miami, FL 33127

Phone: (305) 395-3995
Fax: (877) 323-3744Email: sales@johnsonfirearms.com Web: www.johnsonfirearms.com Transfer fees and details: www.johnsonfirearms.com/export

We have EXPORTED to foreign governments, military, commercial resale and to private citizens for personal use. If your country is not on the list of Embargoed Countries, then we can ship it to YOU!! Email us for more information, we will be glad to walk you through step by step for the quickest and easiest transfer!!!