Announcing Orders for All Sales is pleased to announce that all items purchased or won on the website will soon utilize the Checkout Process and Orders to facilitate communication between the buyer and the seller. Users should start to see this change beginning on May 16, 2017.

Buyers: Have you ever wondered why some sellers use the Checkout Process and others do not? Have you been confused about how to contact the seller? Have you ever had a difficult time contacting the seller? Has it been difficult to communicate how you are going to pay or to get the amount to pay including shipping?

Sellers: Do you hate the hassle of emailing buyers the amount to pay? Do you wish you could receive the shipping address information sooner? Or find out how the buyer is intending to pay? Do you accept check or money order payments and want to stay more organized?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, Checkout is for you. The Checkout Process has been an option for sellers for a number of years. Now it will be the standard process for buying items on

Standard Checkout helps buyers using any of your payment methods to communicate information to you and helps you stay organized. An extension of Checkout is Immediate Checkout where you can immediately receive payment for credit card transactions via your merchant account and payment gateway when a buyer purchases on is working to standardize the buying and selling process for all customers and create a uniform experience after the sale. The Checkout Process allows buyers and sellers to get all the information they need and stores it within an Order. Sellers can receive immediate payment when items have defined shipping costs and an online payment gateway configured within

To learn more about the Immediate Checkout Process where credit cards are processed through, please refer to: How to use immediate checkout

To learn more about the Standard Checkout Process which supports all payment types including check, money order and credit cards not processed through, please read: How to use standard checkout