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Members who renew their Gold Membership will receive a special renewal gift shipped to the personal address on file. If you need to update your address, please visit My GunBroker > Account Info.

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Live Chat with Gold Member Support

Chat online with Customer Support to get real-time answers to your questions. This service is exclusively available to GunBroker Gold Members. Access may be limited as we introduce this new feature. Learn More about Live Chat.

Advanced Access to Deal of the Day recently launched its Deal of the Day program that offers firearm and hunting deals at below-market prices. Nonmembers must wait to view items until the sale begins, however Gold Member enjoy advance notice of upcoming Deal of the Day sales.

Members-only Gold Deal of the Day collaborates with suppliers to offer elite Gold deals on firearm and hunting products. Gold Members have exclusive access to deals and pricing not available to the general public. Additionally, these supplier relationships enable us to offer giveaway opportunities uniquely obtainable to Gold Members. For example, Gold members were recently given exclusive access to purchase Decommissioned COLT M45A1 CQBP Pistols used in combat by the USMC Special Operations units, including Force Recon.

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Members-only newsletter

We already do a general newsletter to all our users, but this one is different. In this Gold-Members-only newsletter, we want to answer your questions, and make buying and selling on easier and more profitable for you. We’ll be giving you articles that not only address your questions throughout the year, but that also cover best practices when buying and selling firearms on

Exclusive Site Badge

If you’re a member, then you know that certain digital badges get displayed next to members’ names. For example, if you are an FFL holder, then an FFL badge shows up next to your name. When you become a Gold member, you’ll get a prominent badge. Everyone will know that you’re in this limited, premium members group.


The Gold team is working to get Gold Members access to top events. Stay tuned!

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To renew your Gold Membership and retain your Gold status, go to My GunBroker > My Account > Membership, and check the box “Auto Renew”. When your yearly membership is up, your account will be billed and your membership will automatically renew.

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