What is the GunBroker.com Gold Program?

GunBroker.com Gold - Get Access to Even More

For the first time ever, GunBroker.com is offering premium memberships on a limited basis. For an annual fee, members can upgrade to GunBroker.com Gold Membership and receive a long list of benefits.

Is GunBroker.com Gold Right for everybody?

No. If you mainly come to GunBroker.com to browse around and see what’s happening, then you probably wouldn’t benefit. Also, if you buy or sell one firearm every five years or so, then Gold membership doesn’t make much sense. But if guns are important to you and you visit us frequently, this program could benefit you.

Ongoing Benefits

Live Chat with Gold Member Support

Chat online with GunBroker.com Customer Support to get real-time answers to your questions. This service is exclusively available to GunBroker Gold Members. Access may be limited as we introduce this new feature. Learn More about Live Chat.

Advanced Access to Deal of the Day

GunBroker recently launched its Deal of the Day program that offers firearm and hunting deals at below-market prices. Most people have to wait until the sale begins to see the day’s items, but as a Gold member, you will receive both advance notice and advance access to these deals. It’s possible that within the first week or two of your becoming a Gold member, you could more than pay for your annual membership from what you save by being at the front of the line for the Deal of the Day.

Members-only Gold Deal of the Day

GunBroker is working with industry suppliers to offer Gold members special deals on firearm and hunting products. Gold Members will have access to deals and pricing not available to the general public. We are working with the industry to offer chances to win products in giveaways exclusively available to Gold Members, including from time to time offers for as little as a penny.

Preview current Gold Deals here.

Members-only newsletter

We already do a general newsletter to all our users, but this one is different. In this Gold-Members-only newsletter, we want to answer your questions, and make buying and selling on GunBroker.com easier and more profitable for you. We’ll be giving you articles that not only address your questions throughout the year, but that also cover best practices when buying firearms and other items from GunBroker.com, how best to list your gear in order to get top-dollar, etc.

Exclusive Site Badge

If you’re a member, then you know that certain digital badges get displayed next to members’ names. For example, if you are an FFL holder, then an FFL badge shows up next to your name. When you become a GunBroker.com Gold member, you’ll get a prominent badge. Everyone will know that you’re in this limited, premium members group.


The GunBroker.com Gold team is working to get GunBroker.com Gold Members access to top events. Stay tuned!


As a way of welcoming you to your GunBroker.com Gold membership, we’ll send you a Welcome Kit:

First, you’ll get the regular things you might expect as a member of anything, including a GunBroker.com Gold welcome letter, patch, pen, window decal, notepad, and koozie. Members expect those things, or it doesn’t feel like membership.

But we’ll also give you a GunBroker.com tote bag, which happens to be one of the most-popular items at the NRA show and SHOT Show. That’s because it’s strong enough to hold ammo and other heavy items, but collapses down to practically nothing in your range bag.

You’ll get shooting glasses and a pouch

If you’re a shooter, then you already have glasses, but they may be dinged up. Also, it’s good to have an extra pair in case you lose yours, or a friend comes along.

Firearms ledger

We get questions all the time from gun owners, asking about the best way to keep track of their firearms. What is the minimum information to record, and what is not necessary? As a result, we’ve created a private Digital Ledger for you to keep. It is not accessible to anyone on the web, but is for your eyes only. That way you can store a digital copy at home and on a USB/thumb drive, just in case you need to access that important information someday for insurance or investment purposes.

Premium Multipurpose Firearms Tool

Premium Multipurpose Firearms Tool

You probably have seen this tool in gun magazines. In fact, the NRA American Hunter magazine named it the Golden Bullseye award winner in its “Gear of the Year” category. Here’s what’s in this tool:

  • Pin punch
  • Choke tube wrench that fits from .410 bore to 10 gauge
  • Scope windage/elevation adjuster
  • 3 Torx wrenches: T20, T15, T10
  • 2 Allen wrenches: 3/32″ and 5/32″
  • Magnetic 3/16″ hex driver
  • Storage bay holds 4 hex bits: P2, P1, 1/8″ and 3/16″ flat driver
  • 1.5″ stainless claw-point knife

Everything is housed in a stainless-steel frame.

If you want to read the fine print, please click here.