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Colt CQBP M45A1 Decommissioned 1911 USMC Special Operations Pistol Review


New World Ordnance YouTuber and Gold Member got the opportunity to purchase this limited edition, Colt CQBP M45A1 Decommissioned 1911 USMC Special Operations Pistol. As you may or may not know, Colt has released a limited edition of these US issued 1911 pistols. The small batch of 500 went on sale on, offered exclusively available to Gold Members. All 500 sold within a span of several days . He got lucky and got 4 of them at $1,350 each, as part of the Gold Deal of the Day.

Not long after, he saw the first re-listing of this Decommissioned 1911 Colt for $3,500, and it sold! Talk about a quick increase in value. That’s due to the fact that these pistols are so collectible, so rare and so desirable by military collectors, the price increased fast and it probably won’t be decreasing any time soon.

Watch his video for his review of this Colt CQBP M45A1 Decommissioned 1911 USMC Special Operations Pistol and where he thinks most of these Colts will end up.